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  • What are Expert Picks?
    The Expert Picks are an exclusive set of of College Football Spread predictions provided by The Gridiron Expert. It includes 10-12 spread picks per week, including the entire post-season!
  • What all comes with the Expert Picks?
    When you purchase our Expert Picks plan you get: Access to 10-12 spread picks a week for the current College Football season Exclusive access to our Expert Chat, where you can talk with other members and see in depth analysis why certain picks were chosen The Expert badge displayed by your name as a member There are two different Expert Picks published during the season. The CFB Picks and the NFL Picks. When you purchase a plan you can choose between getting picks for one or the other, or buy the Combo plan to have access to both.
  • How do I access Expert Picks?
    To access the Expert Picks you can purchase them in the Expert Picks tab on this website and they will show up in the MyPicks! tab once they become available.
  • Why can't I access my Expert Picks?
    If you're having trouble accessing your Expert Picks, located under the MyPicks! tab, troubleshoot by going through the following steps: Make sure that you have purchased the plan in the Expert Picks tab. Make sure that you are logged in to the account you purchased with. Check this by making sure you're logged in at the top of the page. Make sure that the current week's set of picks has been released. Starting August 29th, they will come out every Wednesday. If you're still having trouble, contact us here at
  • What is the Expert Chat?
    The Expert Chat is an exclusive forum that allows Expert Picks subscribers to gain extra analysis from The Gridiron Expert himself. The forum also allows subscribers to discuss Collge Football and other topics among other users within the community.
  • How do I access the Expert Chat?
    To access the chat you must be logged in and must have subscribed to our Expert Picks located under the Expert Picks tab.
  • What is the Members tab?
    The members tab allows our website users to follow one another in the community, and active members can earn badges from The Gridiron Expert that show up in the Expert Chat!
  • Why isn't my profile showing up in the Members tab?
    We know some of you value your privacy, so your profile is automatically set to private. In order to set it to public, head over to your profile and select Make Profile Public in the pop-up. Alternatively, a pop-up may appear when accessing the Members tab. *Note: Setting your profile to public is irreversable.
  • I no longer want the Expert Picks. Can I get a refund?
    We do not offer rufunds on Expert Picks at this time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, contact The Gridiron Expert at
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